About Us

Popi is an information architecture company that takes complex information to something that more readily consumed. We breakdown complex chunks and lay it out into more manageable nuggets that are easy to reference and then package that into interactive pdfs that can be viewed from a feature phone right up to the latest iphone.

What we do

We package the information in a way that is easily accessible both offline and online, leveraging on technology that we already use today thus making it easy to access and process info even when out of the grid. The interactive pdf is also readily shareable via WhatsApp, Telegram, email or even bluetooth and remains fully functional with or without network access.

Why It Works

Easy to Reference

Popi is a great tool which we’ve found especially useful for sales and marketing agents, teachers, medreps and professionals to need to reference resources quickly. One is able to search for keywords as well as access particular topics quickly and easily.



The documents created make it easy to share especially with those that would readily benefit from it. It can be sent via multiple means from email to WhatsApp and telegram without losing any of its functionality and can thus be shared with your database in a split of a second.


You are no longer hindered by space or printing costs and are able to share so much more information and are able to expound on details you’d not ordinarily be able to on fliers.

Quick Response

Built into the structure of the pdf is a easy way to respond to call to actions. Unlike the paper fliers, the tools to respond, whether it means making a call or sending an email, are embedded right on the pdf. You are also able to collect data from the recipient himself.



As an additional feature, security options can also be set to require one to input a password to view, edit, print or copy, which can be especially useful to prevent misuse of the resources.

Best viewed using Adobe Acrobat


To see how best this can apply for your business please contact us of a free audit as well as a customised sample. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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About the Founder

Popi is headed by Aaron Kandia, an Art director with over 8 years of work experience breaking down complex infomation into manageable chunks; skills which he has obtained in the many years working in Advertsing in Kenya and Tanzania. Aaron has worked in agencies such as TBWA, Ogilvy, Right Here and Isobar. He is an award-winning, proven and capable creative with a reputation of generating, developing and nurturing creative ideas. He has worked on brands like Coca-Cola, Safaricom, Airtel, Kenya Airways, Kenchic, Aquafresh, Weetabix, CFC Stanbic, Lucozade and Ribena to name a few.